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Thank you for choosing Photography by Joe Parker's online ordering studio. Remember: don't use online ordering for your special event/wedding package prints or albums - make a list (pen & paper, spreadsheet, e-mail, etc.) using the file number found UNDER each image - DO NOT USE THUMBNAIL NUMBERS AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE and avoid using the star rating system, as it has proven to be unreliable. Be sure to contact our studio for quantity pricing, larger prints, and other items you don't see available in the online cart! Your order will be processed quickly and should be ready in two weeks unless you require special retouching or are ordering a larger wall portrait. Your photos will be available for pickup at our studio, or can be mailed to you at an additional charge. Joe will call you when your order is ready to arrange a time for pickup, or to let you know they are in the mail. Please call the studio if you have any questions. 540-373-8400 Have a great day!

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